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Carl Goldberg Classic Falcon EP RC Plane Reviews - Carl Goldberg Classic Series Falcon EP Review

If you are a beginning pilot and considering purchasing your first plane it’s hard to go wrong with the Carl Goldberg Classic Series Falcon EP. Many many pilots cut their flying teeth on a Falcon series aircraft and this new model from Carl Goldberg will continue the tradition of being a great starter plane [...]

foam-plane RC Model Plane Resources - Foam RC Airplanes Are Fun To Fly

RC model airplanes are a hobby that is quickly gaining popularity. Foam RC Airplanes create an inexpensive option for beginners to enter the hobby. However while they are incredibly fun to fly they tend to be quickly damaged if they come in contact with any solid surface such as the ground. This is due to [...]

Rc_Flight_Simulator RC Plane Tips - What is an RC Airplane Trainer and Do I Need One

If you are just beginning the hobby of RC airplane flying, it might be a good idea to consider the use of an RC Airplane trainer for the first aircraft that you try to fly. This will be a plane that is light weight and smaller and which has the wings on the top rather [...]