What is an RC Airplane Trainer and Do I Need One

If you are just beginning the hobby of RC airplane flying, it might be a good idea to consider the use of an RC Airplane trainer for the first aircraft that you try to fly. This will be a plane that is light weight and smaller and which has the wings on the top rather than in the middle of the plane or under the cockpit. All of these design features result in an aircraft that is easier to fly and can be flown at slower speeds.

This style provides much better stability in the air. That paired with a good dihedral angel will provide the best plane for learning to fly with. The dihedral is the V shape of the wings that can be seem when the plane is viewed from the front. It basically is the angle at which the wings go up from the cockpit area. As a rule of thumb, the higher angle, the better control at least to a point.

Most people begin flying with this type of plane. While it is not a requirement, it is a good idea. If you jump right into the higher grade models, you will find yourself spending much more money on repairs and replacements as you will tend to crash quite often.

These models tend to be relatively stable meaning you won’t be likely to crash quite as often as you are getting the hang of controlling it. In addition they are not as expensive to repair or replace and therefore are a more economical choice for the beginner.

Beyond the style of plane you have choices in the model itself. You can choose to purchase a kit, a almost ready to fly or a ready to fly plane. The kit will require you assemble the entire thing, like a model. An almost ready to fly means just that. You will need to purchase the motor, battery pack and so on before you will be able to fly the plane. The ready to fly models come equipped with everything you will need and are usually ready to fly after the battery pack is charged.

 Rc_Flight_SimulatorSo the choice is really up to you, just make sure you educate yourself by reading and talking to other rc model airplane pilots to educate yourself.bit of the built it yourself feeling while not taking as much time before you can actually fly.

A full kit really should be put on hold until you know for certain that you want to do this. It can take quite some time to assemble as well as be a bit difficult. Usually these are reserved for the second or even third plane. The almost ready to fly models will provide you with a bit of the built it yourself feeling while not taking as much time before you can actually fly.

When you’ve made your decision, it’s time to get busy and get that plane ready to go. Learning the controls and how the plane reacts will take some time, but using a trainer makes the process take a bit less time.


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